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ABS Pipe, The GOBLINE PIPE is coated by ABS Resin on high tensile mild steel pipe, having excellent durability, chemical resistance, and impact resistance, solid and light.
Stainless steel pipe is also high tensile stainless steel pipe which having standard diameter 28mm.
Pipe and joint system is known for high efficiency, high degree of variability, simple, and economic, environmental – friendly design concept. It is widely used in various industrial manufacturing fields.
It can make individual work tables and also the combination of many work tables to make production conveyor lines.
Workshop equipment’s e.g. production line assemble station, input material tables, output material tables, testing tables and repair tables etc.
Material carts, traditional racks with multi-layer shelves can be made. It can also make advanced rack with FIFO system which are very light weight. These racks can also use skate –rails that make the flow of material very fast, make it efficient and cost-effective by reducing the manpower requirement.

ABS / SS PIPE & JOINTS: Products
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